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Me in Belize

Me in Belize

Hello, fellow travelers!

Let me first introduce myself, so you’ll know something about who is leading you through these brief but action-packed adventures all over the world.

As far back as I remember I have always longed for travel. Hearing my maternal grandparents talk about trips to Europe and cruises they’d been on left my imagination to wander for years. When I was 15 years old, my mother was teaching Spanish in a Texas middle school and I was invited to go along on a 7-day trip to Spain. It was my first big trip out of the U.S. In that short time, we visited Barcelona, Madrid, the island of Mallorca and Toledo. Up every morning, out the door and on the bus. We saw so much in such a short time.  A couple of years later, my mom and I took a short trip to Hawaii. Three great days in Honolulu- a helicopter ride, a submarine excursion, a trek to the top of Diamond Head and an overnighter in Maui. I loved it. Every minute of it. I knew at that point I was hooked on travel.

I’m an avid fan of taking short trips anywhere in the world that will have me. I’m a planner, a bargain hunter, a photographer and an expert on figuring out how to maximize my time.  I’m also a mother of a wonderful 13 year old daughter, an older sister to two awesome younger brothers, an aunt to an adorable 6 year old nephew and a daughter to a caring and compassionate mother.

I hope you will love travelling and seeing the world as much as I do. Ask me any questions, add your own comments to my adventures; I would love to hear from you, fellow travelers. Okay, let’s board the plane!

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